Murals, Wall Painting, Chalkboard Designs, and Wood Signs

• Start At $800 For Residential Properties
• Start At $1,500 For Commercial Properties 

Wall Painting:
• Starts At $1,000 For Residential Properties
• Starts At $2,000 For Commercial Properties 

Wood Signs
• Start At $200

Chalboard Designs
• Start At $200

The exact price and turn around time depends on the size of the project and what design has to be painted

Traveling fees will be applied as needed depending on the distance that I have to travel. I also install hardware and decals for an extra fee

Please inquire to get an exact price. I would need the below information:
  • an idea of what you wanted
  • size of the wall(s), wood sign(s), or chalkboard(s)
  • picture of the wall(s) or chalkboard(s)

A non-refundable fee of $50 would be required for me to create a digital mock-up of your walls or chalkboard sign. This is a chance for you to see what it will look like before I start painting. This fee will be applied to your total if you were to proceed with me

If you decide not to proceed with me the mock-up (murals/wood signs/chalkboard designs) cannot be used as a reference to create your project. This means that your walls or chalkboards cannot look like the design that I created

To inquire you can text or call me at 410-624-9101 or contact me through my website. You can also email me at [email protected]