Custom Mask - Black Only (Vinyl) - Made To Order

On sale $10.00

Custom masks with your design on it. This option is for a design that only has about 1-3 colors only. The masks itself is currently available in black. Please reach out if you would like it in another color before ordering

Two layers of fabric designed to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 (not a medical grade mask)

One opening on the inside for wire/pipe cleaner to pinch the nose (included) and another opening to allow for a filter to be added (not included)

Make sure that the masks is covering your entire nose and mouth while wearing. Please continue to practice social distancing (6 feet) while wearing the masks

If need be the straps can be adjusted for a better fit. Also the straps can be removed and replaced if the elastic ever wears out

No pick ups or deliveries

Stay safe!!